Friday, 2 September 2016

Spring Valley Journey

Hi All,
Just a small info about me. I was an ex-IT employee.
I have planned to start my journey as an entrepreneur and started thinking. So many ideas and thoughts in my mind and finally I took a decision to start a pre school in Hyderabad.
Searched for so many areas, localities and finalized to start a good pre school in Beeramguda.

Visited some pre schools and seen the other pre schools from outside. Here so many play schools does't have play area and play equipment's and even doesn't have any standards also.

Spring Valley is not like a regular pre (or) play school. Spring Valley is not one of regular play schools that are around. We are well equipped, well trained and confident that we can greatly improve student achievement by serving as a hub of activities for families here and to be the ‘first choice pre school’ of the Beeramguda. We have best curriculum and log sheets. Please take advantage of many opportunities we offer to you.

At Spring Valley our goal is to obtain the greatest academic acievement from our students by nurturing and creating loving atmosphere, utilizing new technologies and delivering instruction through new innovations in teaching based on educational research. We are excelling in delivering our goal. You agree on it once you spend some time with us. We are focused on creating a nurturing environment that supports a love of learning. Our guiding principles are the foundation upon which our Positive School Climate (PSC) is built. We encourage, support and guide our students in the principles of Respect, Responsibility & Peace. 

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